Bretinov is a company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and installation of machinery for the agri-food industry.

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Specialized Agri-food Machinery Designer for Industrial and Catering Professionals

Spring Roll Making Machine

Vietnamese Spring Roll Machine

Shrimp Fritter Making Machine


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Spring Roll Machine

Respect for the Authenticity of Your Recipes

Our one-of-a-kind machines ensure a perfect reproduction of your recipe. Fully automated, they can produce up to 2000 units per hour with just one operator.

Shrimp Fritter

World's Unique Shrimp Fritter Manufacturing Process!

The machine that made Bretinov’s team famous, the shrimp fritter production line, in its latest version, can increase your production speed to up to 4,000 fritters per hour.

Our Key Figures
Spring Rolls Produced per Day
Spring Roll Machines Installed Worldwide
Shrimp Fritters Produced per Day


Automatic Vietnamese Spring Roll Production Line


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Our Team

Bretinov is a French company that has been designing, manufacturing, and installing special machines for the agri-food industry since 2013.

The history of Bretinov is built on the legendary perseverance and seriousness of the Bretons.


Our latest news
bretinov press brake

First step !

First step in our future move! The press brake was loaded this morning to reach the new Pont-Aven workshop. Digitally controlled lathes, and the whole company, will follow the same path in a few weeks. Stay tuned !

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